Small Group Sign-Up

Getting Through a Pandemic “The Jesus Way”

Together, with God’s help. we’ll get through this pandemic. We’ll do it “the Jesus Way.”  Jesus did not try to do his ministry alone.  One of his first acts of ministry was to invite others to join him on “the way.”  I invite you to join together with others through this winter and spring in some “COVID-creative” ways.  Our church is forming small groups patterned after the early Methodists.  Each will have a simple format, including scripture, prayer and holy conversation.  The small group commitment begins in Advent (which starts November 29th) and continues at least through Pentecost (May 23, 2021).  These groups will be lay-led.  Once at least three people sign up, those interested will receive resources and instructions.  With God’s help, we’ll get through this pandemic together – the Jesus Way!”

“Good Trouble” Team:  John Lewis, civil rights activist and congressman made it his life goal to oppose segregation and make “good trouble.” This would be a group of people who are called to continue the anti-racism work begun this summer with small group book studies.  This group would make continuous learning, accountability and taking action to address white privilege and institutional racism its goals.  Format: ZOOM

“Wisdom”:  These folks are staying close to home until there is a COVID vaccine.  This small group will provide support, spiritual growth and accountability.  Book studies, responses to current events or reflections on weekly worship could be included.  Format: Email and telephone.

Love Your Neighbor (By Telephone):  This small group is for people who use the telephone to communicate with others.  A phone tree network would be established so group members maintain regular contact and reduce social isolation especially in the winter.  Sharing reflections on “The Upper Room” devotional could be included.  Format: telephone.

Parents’ Group:  This small group will allow parents to share concerns, celebrations, encouragement, questions, prayer concerns, etc. with other parents connected to the church.  Resources and information could be shared.  Format: closed Facebook group.

To sign up please call the church at 356-3991 or sign up on the website at .  The deadline to sign up is November 20th.  These groups are open to church members and anyone who shares our vision: “First UMC Baraboo welcomes all people. We join together in faith to help others, doing all the good we can.”  Email to learn more.