FUMC Vision Statement 2020

A New Day, A New Vision

Baraboo First United Methodist Church welcomes all people.  We join together in faith to help others by doing all the good we can.

That is our church’s revised vision statement, as approved by the Administrative Council on July 20, 2020.

What is a vision statement?  It’s a statement of aspiration—something to which we keep striving, something we want to become.  It’s based on authenticity—who we are, but it calls us to stretch to become something more.

At Baraboo First, our “brand” is that we are known for helping people.  Just recently, someone not formally affiliated with our congregation posted on Facebook that we are the church that is “extremely caring, giving and community minded.”

During this time of interruption in our normal church life, the Administrative Council is taking the opportunity to dive deeper into the question of where God is calling us.  We believe our new vision statement provides us with that road map.

What do you think?  We welcome your feedback and your ideas.  Thank you!

FUMC Administrative Council