Church Reopening Update

Wearing Masks in Church is now Optional

With the transmission numbers very low in Sauk County, the Covid Task Force has determined that masks will be optional for all church gatherings and activities effective March 21, 2022.  We ask that you continue to sign in to help keep attendance prior to each service.  Many of the traditional parts of the church service will be reinstituted starting March 27th including passing the peace, passing the plate, and coffee after the service.  Passing the Peace will be whatever you are comfortable with and may be anything from a handshake, fist or elbow bump, to placing your hand on your heart and extending it to someone.  Live ‘Special Music’ will take some time to coordinate and that segment will be on the screen until that time.

Although the Covid transmission numbers are low, the virus is still with us, so we urge everyone to take the necessary precautions available to provide for the safety of all using our church building.  We are all hoping this pandemic is behind us and we can quickly get back to the church experience we are use to, but we ask for your patience as we put together all the pieces that have been disrupted over the past two years.


Covid Task Force