We Are Still In

“We are still in.” That’s what mayors and governors in cities and states representing one hundred twenty seven million Americans are saying regarding the Paris Climate Accord. Even though President Trump has stated the U.S. is going to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, there are still U.S. delegates in Bonn this week at the gathering of the signers to work out the details of how to implement the plan.

“We are still in.”  That’s what eight of us said recently by attending our monthly Pilgrims’ Climate Change potluck and discussion.  We are pilgrims together on a journey towards this new reality of “Eaarth.” In Wisconsin this new reality means longer growing season, more ice and sleet in the winter and less snow, more ticks in the summer and rain more likely to come in intense storms. The conversation focused on the state of politics in Wisconsin, a survey of our group members regarding future meetings, and the Paris Climate Accord.  At least until 2019, the U.S. is still part of the Paris Climate Accord.  Provisions in the document prohibit any country from withdrawing for at least three years.

Regarding climate change we’re all still in.  Everyone and and every creature on the planet is in this together.  There’s no way anyone or any part of creation can withdraw from experiencing the effects of climate change.  

Our climate change group’s “Pilgrim Pledge” says our journey together includes “changes in lifestyle designed to reduce our carbon pollution by 50% in 2030, becoming carbon neutral by 2050 (including bartering, sharing resources, and networking)”.  In late October, solar panels were installed on the roof of the parsonage. My husband showed everyone the web site monitoring the production of solar energy in the house.  We’re moving ahead on the journey.

We are still in………