A Note from Pastor Marianne

When waking up in the morning, what’s the first thing you do? Grab your phone? That’s what I do (it’s my alarm clock). Before too long, are you checking Facebook? According to a 2016 Pew study, 44% of Americans read or watch news on Facebook. Managing our on-line presence is just part of life today.

Checking our phones, going on Facebook, visiting other social media sites: it’s become a habit. Habits are little actions that over time shape the people we become. Facebook and other social media are changing how we process information and interact with the world. Staying connected to God is a habit too. It involves doing lots of small things over an extended period of time; things like reading the Bible, attending worship, going to Sunday School, being part of a small group, or working at a food pantry each week. These small actions, done over a long period of time, have the power to change us.

In this new church year, I invite you to try something new to stay connected to God. For some people it will mean a new habit; for others it may be tweaking something you are already doing. In worship on September 18th I’ll offer ideas of things you might like to try. What will God do among us, as we connect with God in even more creative and life-giving ways? I can’t wait to find out! Welcome to a new church year!

Grace and peace,
Pastor Marianne