A Note from Pastor Marianne

“I am the church, you are the church, We are the church together.
All who follow Jesus all around the church, Yes, we’re the church together!”
(Avery and Marsh)

Pentecost is May 15th – the birthday of the church. Ever since that day described in the book of Acts, when the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples gathered in the Upper Room, the church has been the people. That day the spirit of God rested on each person and things became possible that seemed impossible before. Peter began to preach boldly! Many were baptized that day.

The church is the body of Christ. He is the head – we are all part of the body. Each person in the church is given gifts to be used in the building up of the church.

On May 7th, we will celebrate the life of Ken Carlson, a longtime member of our congregation. Ken passed away on March 11, in Chippewa Falls. Ken truly loved this church. He loved the people. He had the gift for welcoming people. He was one of the first people who welcomed me when I arrived as pastor here almost two years ago. His words and actions said “you matter.” “I care about you.” He embodied the welcome that Christ offers to us. That was one of the many gifts Ken shared with this congregation.

I hope you will be with us on May 7th as we celebrate Ken’s life. And I also hope you will be with us May 15th to celebrate the birthday of the church – and rejoice in the gifts God has given to us as this part of the body of Christ! Wear red that day (the liturgical color of the Holy Spirit)! The Sunday School children will be singing along with The Band that morning.

“We’ve come here expecting God to do amazing things right here, right now….
Great things happen when we come together,
Great things happen when we praise our Savior,
we sing, we serve, we laugh, we learn,
Great things are gonna happen here!” (Jay Stocker)

Love in Christ,

Pastor Marianne