Youth Music

There are many opportunities at FUMC for youth to be involved in music!


The youth regularly learn songs to sing and share in worship as part of the Sunday School program. All are welcome to participate!  There are typically two musicals during the school year:  Christmas and Spring Time.

Youth Tone Chimes (3rd grade and up)

Youth (3rd grade and up) are invited to participate in Tone Chimes which meets during the school year.  No previous music experience is needed. Kids will become familiar with reading sheet music, musical terms, and the opportunity to make music in a group! We have a lot of fun playing a variety of music – usually fitting with the theme of the sermon topic. If music is secular, we make a connection to the worship theme that day. Younger kids will play simple melodies, while older or more experienced  youth will play more challenging rhythms.

Rainbow Bells (age 3 and up)

All kids (ages 3 and up) to join in a bell performance.  The little bells are color coded and we use chord cards which display the bell color.  As the card is held up, the child plays their bell.  Any child that wants to participate is welcome – no prior practice is required and they can join in on the day we play.  This makes it very easy for the young ones to get involved in worship music too!