Office Administrator

We are currently looking for someone to fill the position of Office Administrator. This is a part-time position at 15 hours per week, at $15-17 per hour.

To apply:

If you are interested in this position, please email your resume to sprc@barabooumc.org. Please also submit a job application.

Job Title:  Office Administrator

Reports to:  Pastor

Job Summary:   Provide administrative and technical support to Pastor, staff and leaders of First United Methodist Church (FUMC).  Being involved with the coordination, and communication of the various functions and programs of the FUMC to enable its leaders to implement them.  It involves written and oral communication, word processing and computer skills to provide weekly church bulletins, web site, social media, newsletters and system record keeping with the use of Shepherd’s Staff. Needs the ability to multi-task and work well under pressure situations.  Ability to implement and coordinate multi office procedures and church functions to enable them to run efficiently and effectively.

Office Operations:

  • Answer phone, follow up on messages, exercising judgement in prioritizing follow up actions
  • Read/respond to email messages
  • Collect/sort incoming mail and outgoing delivered to the Post Office
  • Prepare vouchers
  • Maintain/setup online accounts
  • File bills & paper work
  • Maintain building key records
  • Software/computer – maintain, files organized, updated as needed, deal with technology issues, etc.
  • Digital photo organization
  • Order church supplies as needed
  • Other duties as assigned

Publications & Communication

  • Sunday Bulletin – use of format from Pastor, add announcements, print, fold & distribute.
  • Monthly newsletter-gather & format articles and by various means distribute copies
  • Email newsletters of current information as needed
  • Bulletin Board – update at least monthly. Coordinate with various boards and committees
  • Website – updated with monthly newsletter, announcements, worship time
  • Continue to develop our social media presence and improve/update web site as needed
  • Google – maintain calendar, electronic documents and email list
  • Calendar -manage the scheduling of events and activities of & within the church.  Post copies on the bulletin board, work room, and give copies to Custodian and Pastor.

Pastor, Staff, Leaders & Volunteers

  • Assist Pastor with needs
  • Assist staff members & leaders as needed (reports, copies, type notes, supplies, etc.)
  • Gather/organize committee & board meeting agendas/minutes
  • Leadership Directory updated as changes occur
  • Coordinate volunteers as needed to help with office needs
  • Coordinate communication with leadership
  • Maintain bulletin boards of the Church
  • Develop and maintain Church Ministry Hand Book for members and friends

Membership & Visitors

  • Shepherd’s Staff -update membership information needed
  • Enter attendance in Shepherd’s Staff/compare to counted attendance as needed
  • Pew pads -each Monday collect forms not placed in offering plate
  • Pew pads forms -generate forms and fill pew pads books as needed

Special Events & Projects

  • Funeral /Wedding bulletins prepared
  • Provide forms necessary for building use
  • Prepare invoices and billings for building use and event fees