Big Top Circus Parade


Again this year, our church will be assisting St. Clare Meadows and the Sauk County Health Care Center residents with front row seating in front of the church on Broadway. Access to the lot will be limited by parade officials for several hours before the parade, which starts at 11:00am. Parking space in the church lot will be limited as well.  If you have a disability pass and would like to park in the church lot for the parade, please let the church office know, and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Donations & Volunteers Needed! We are looking for donations of yard canopies for shade/rain projection (borrow for the day), coolers, ice, and lemonade mix. We also will need volunteers to help with setup (8-10am), moving residents from the vans to the viewing area (at 10:30am), and help with takedown after the parade.

Please signup in Fellowship Hall if you are able to help or donate items. If you can lend a canopy, contact Virgil Kasper at or 356-8012. Canopies can be left in Fellowship Hall under the coat rack during the week of July 16th.

Any other questions, please contact the office at 608-356-3991 or