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1 day ago

Get your Flat Wesley at church and share a selfie as you enjoy your summer David Kell took #FlatWesley on a fishing trip on Lake Wisconsin

David took #FlatWesley our for a fishing trip sling with some friends. Fun summer with#FkatWeslt

4 days ago
10 fascinating facts about John Wesley and United Methodism | United Methodist Communications

"Flat Wesley" poses with members Jerry and Sara! You, too, can pickup your very own Flat Wesley and bring him with you wherever you go! Who is this Wesley person? It's John Wesley, the founder of ... See more

5 days ago

Thank you to everyone that made, "What's Up, Zak? possible! It was so sweet to see and hear our precious children perform! Big shout out to Yulia and Mike Pullen, Aimee Lutz, Brenda Schick, and all ... See more

5 days ago

Check it out - Flat Wesley lunches with the ladies!!! (Flat Wesley is a “bobble head” of the founder of the Methodist Church.)

3 weeks ago

Join together and unite in love. Members and friends from Baraboo First United Methodist Church “planted” a “Reject Hate/Unite in Love” sign in the church’s front yard Wednesday night in ... See more